Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

Capn' Keto

It's about time my fat ass got back into shape. Not gonna lie.... it's been a tough two years. The wheels fell off the wagon shortly after the SF Half back in '17. I've run some races since then - at two RAGNARs in Tahoe - an, amazingly, did not die on top of a mountain at 9000'. 

To give some context, when I moved here in '15 I was probably floating around 180-ish lbs, a size 34/36 waist, 42R chest and fitting mostly into size medium shirts. I could run a 25 minute 5k on average.

Fast forward to July of  '19 and I was clocking in at 225. My waist had ballooned up to 38, I could no longer fit into any shirt smaller than a size Large, and most of my clothes in my closet we're a pipe dream. With respect to exercise, well, there isn't much. You can see some of the stats on the right hand side of this page, and as you can clearly see, none of the totals are setting any world records. 

Outside of the two RAGNARs in '18 and '19, my exercise regimen consists of playing ping pong with my daughter and Wii Golf lol. To go this long, without running, cycling, whatever, is extremely uncharacteristic of me. My relationship with running has always been "love/hate" - with more hate than love - and I've been known to take a month or two off, but I always seem to manage my way back to it. Most of my social life has always been based around running or cycling in some fashion through various running and cycling clubs so, again, to go this long without is like the Bizarro Frank.

I won't lie - I see a headshrinker for various bouts of insanity, and the Doc referred me into a Stanford Research study analyzing the effects of ketogenic diets on mood disorders. Let's recap:

Batshit Crazy? Check
Big F*t Fuck? Check


So, voila, I am admitted into the program. Starting metrics: 222lbs. They call me Capn' Keto. I'll keto the f*ck out of this diet. You don't even know. 

If there is one thing that I am actually good at, it's dieting. It's getting into the right mindset that's always been my challenge (as it is with everyone I suppose). When I get locked, I get locked in. I track everything, weigh everything. Don't get me wrong: cheating happens, but it's few and far between. 

Consider this a diary if you will of my path through this diet. I'll tackle some of the specifics of the diet in my next post, but as it stands today, I am 6lbs down in the course of ten days. 

"Nom Nom Nom"